Jennifer Aniston

Oct, 25th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Swears By Intermittent Fasting

Jennifer Aniston is a fan of intermittent fasting, a diet plan in which the window of eating is only seven… Read More

Oct, 23rd 2019 celebs

Justin Theroux Shows Love To Estranged Wife Jennifer Aniston After Her Instagram Debut

It’s been two years since Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston split up, but the love is still there.  The actor recently told Extra that he… Read More

Oct, 16th 2019 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Jennifer Aniston’s First Instagram Post is With the Cast of ‘Friends’

I think a resounding “awwww….” is in order!  Jennifer Aniston finally joined Instagram this week — it’s about time! The best… Read More

Oct, 8th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Is Fine Being Single And Does NOT Want To Be Set Up — So Don’t Ask Her!

Jennifer Aniston is single — and trust us, she’s perfectly happy with it. The legendary actress sat down with Howard Stern and confirmed… Read More

Sep, 11th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Is Ready For A Comeback In A Major Way

Jennifer Aniston is 50 years old, and she looks better than ever! The actress recently spoke to The New York… Read More

Sep, 4th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston On Turning 50 This Year

Jennifer Aniston is looking better than she ever has. The actress turned 50 in February, and recently opened up to InStyle… Read More

Feb, 17th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston’s Flight to Cabo Had To Make An Emergency Landing

What’s a girl gotta do to get to Cabo safely?  According to TMZ, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and others were… Read More

Feb, 12th 2019 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Is Coming Back To TV With Reese Witherspoon

Following her 50th birthday, Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for her return to TV with The Morning Show, costarring Reese… Read More

Dec, 6th 2018 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Says Pal George Clooney Is An Amazing Dad

Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with watching her pal George Clooney be the greatest dad we all knew he could be…. Read More

Dec, 5th 2018 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Busted Out Crying After Recording A Song With Dolly Parton

Jennifer Aniston can’t believe how lucky she is to have recorded the song “Push and Pull” from her new film… Read More