Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Powerful Show Runners In Hollywood Are Condemning Fox News

Judd Apatow and fellow show runner Seth MacFarlane have condemned Fox News via several tweets this week. Now, the show… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Gina Rodriguez Is Sending An Undocumented Student To College

Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez, is using her Emmy money to send an undocumented student to college. The money… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Josh Brolin Speaks On 2004 Domestic Abuse Arrest On Diane Lane

Josh Brolin is breaking his silence about his 2004 domestic violence arrest on wife Diane Lane. He’d been arrested at… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Did You Know Cher and Meryl Streep Once Saved a Woman From Assault?

Meryl Streep and Cher are badasses, and they’ve been friends a while. But did you know the two once saved… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Pink Gives Microphone To 12-Year-Old & Is Completely Blown Away By Her Voice

12-year-old Victoria Anthony’s dream came true at a concert in Vancouver this weekend when Pink gave her a microphone. From… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Kristen Wiig Left Apple Comedy To Film ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

Kristen Wiig knows a good opportunity when she sees it. The SNL alum supposedly left Apple’s upcoming comedy series, which… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Jesse Williams Has To Pay $100K A Month In Child/Spousal Supprt

Jesse Williams is getting probably the worst deal in divorce history. The Grey’s Anatomy star has to pay ex Aryn… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Sarah Jessica Parker And Rev. Al Sharpton Disagree On How To Tip

It’s a funny world when two rich people are arguing how to tip — but it’s the world we live… Read More

Jun, 21st 2018 celebs

Jimmy Fallon Says He’d Now Do Donald Trump Interview Differently

People gave Jimmy Fallon heat for doing a softball interview with Donald Trump in September 2016, which the host is… Read More

Jun, 20th 2018 celebs

Steve Martin, Martin Short And Tom Hanks Apparently Have Colonoscopy Parties, LOL!

Talk about a party pooper! Steve Martin and Martin Short recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed their parties… Read More