May, 21st 2018 sports

Check Out Harry And Meghan’s Near $500K Fully Electric Jaguar

Harry and Meghan’s getaway jaguar car is completely battery power, and it goes for a whopping $471,000, according to The… Read More

May, 11th 2018 celebs

Tristan Thompson ‘Broke Down Crying’ With Khloe, Shortly After She Gave Birth

It was a trail of tears in the delivery room apparently. According to an US Weekly source, “Khloé has completely… Read More

May, 10th 2018 sports

‘RHONY’ Star Luann de Lesseps Says Someone Drugged Her

Before Luann de Lesseps was arrested in Florida for disorderly conduct, the reality star says she was drugged. “I almost… Read More

May, 9th 2018 sports

PETA Is Coming After ‘Westworld’ For Their Use Of Elephants

One of the episodes of Westworld saw the existence of Park Six, a separate park that had Bengal tigers roaming… Read More

May, 1st 2018 sports

Guess What Will & Kate’s Occupations Are On Prince Louis’s Birth Certificate?

It’s not every day your parents are royal, and it totally shows on Prince Louis’s birth certificate. Printed underneath the… Read More

Apr, 30th 2018 sports

Tristan Thompson Is Back On Social Media

It’s been a month since Tristan Thompson stepped away from social media, but now he’s back on Instagram in his… Read More

Apr, 26th 2018 news


Bill Cosby has been found guilty on all 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault! The 80-year-old could very well face… Read More

Apr, 26th 2018 celebs

John Cena Says He Will ‘Always Love’ Nikki Bella

Even though John Cena and Nikki Bella split up and ended their engagement (rumors say because of a disagreement about… Read More

Apr, 26th 2018 celebs

Five Other Women Allege Affairs With Tristan Thompson

Five different women have alleged an affair with Tristan Thompson, according to Entertainment Tonight. One woman said she slept with… Read More

Apr, 19th 2018 sports

‘Caddyshack’-Themed Restaurant Has Opened In Florida

Bill Murray and his brothers (Joel, Johnny, Ed, Andy and Brian) just opened a restaurant themed after the 1980s film… Read More