Harvey Weinstein

Mar, 10th 2020 celebs

Harvey Weinstein’s Own Lawyers Say He’ll Die in Prison

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys are begging a judge to give him only five years in prison, arguing he won’t… Read More

Feb, 25th 2020 celebs

Harvey Weinstein Will Remain In Jail Until He’s Sentenced

Yesterday, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two counts — one for rape and the other for criminal sex acts…. Read More

Feb, 6th 2020 celebs

Harvey Weinstein Actually Threw a Super Bowl Party Before He Appeared in Court, And Fell Asleep

Does this man show no mercy at all?  Harvey Weinstein apparently threw a Super Bowl party hours before he appeared to fall asleep… Read More

Jan, 7th 2020 news

Judge Almost Threw Harvey Weinstein in Jail For Using His Phone in the Courtroom

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Le Figaro Magazine (@lefigaromagazine) on Jan 7, 2020 at 8:14am PST… Read More

Dec, 16th 2019 celebs

Harvey Weinstein Brags About the Opportunities He’s Given Women: ‘I Feel Like the Forgotten Man’

To date, over 80 women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sex assault or harassment… yet, the disgraced movie mogul is… Read More

Aug, 26th 2019 celebs

Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty To New Sexual Assault Allegations

Unsurprisingly, Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty to two new counts of sexual assault. As we previously reported, the new charges, which… Read More

Aug, 23rd 2019 sports

Harvey Weinstein Is Facing Yet Another Sexual Assault Charge

It’s been reported that Harvey Weinstein will be arraigned next week on a new indictment in his sex assault case. According… Read More

Jul, 4th 2019 sports

Harvey Weinstein Sent People To See A Screening Of His Explosive Documentary

A new Hulu documentary, Untouchable, about the disgraced former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is supposed to be incredibly revealing and… Read More

Jul, 1st 2019 celebs

Harvey Weinstein Documentary Is LEGIT

Tina Brown is making a documentary based on her old boss Harvey Weinstein, and in it, reportedly, there are multiple interviews… Read More

May, 24th 2019 celebs

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyers Want Half A Million Dollars From the Disgraced Mogul

Harvey Weinstein apparently owes his former lawyers nearly $500,000 for everything they did in the four cases brought against him…. Read More