Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Emma Stone Was Embarrassed About Her Pic With Hillary: ‘I Look Nude!’

Two incredible women saluting another feminist icon. #LSSC is proud to welcome these three tonight (even if one of them… Read More

Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Trump Tweeted on the Emmys: ‘Sad to See How Bad the Ratings Were’

Donald Trump officially responded to the Emmys, writing: I was saddened to see how bad the ratings were on the… Read More

Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Melania Trump Pulled Down a Billboard Advertising Her English Skills in Croatia

A billboard placed in Zagreb, Croatia displayed a photo of Melania Trump, saying: “Just imagine how far you can go… Read More

Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Ivanka Trump Says She’s Under No ‘Obligation to Moderate’ Her Dad’s Decisions

Even though Ivanka Trump is kinda-sorta there to help advise her father, the President of the United States, she insists… Read More

Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Yes, Prince William TRAINED to Become the Future King

Courtesy of People.  It’s kinda weird to think that some royals train to be king their whole lives, and Prince… Read More

Sep, 20th 2017 celebs

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Rip the GOP’s New Health Care Bill in Emotional Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel spoke during his show against Republican lawmakers trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act — for the second time… Read More

Sep, 19th 2017 celebs

Female Journalist Accuses Donald Trump of Kissing Her on His Campaign Trail

Journalist Katy Tur has recently claimed that Donald Trump kissed her without permission while she was on the job in… Read More

Sep, 19th 2017 news

The Latest Awkward Moment by Donald and Melania Trump… a Handshake

Trump, awkward handshake: “Great job, lady. What’s your name again?” :pushes her off — Holly O’Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) September 16,… Read More

Sep, 19th 2017 celebs

Prince William Made a Joke to Hairdressers: ‘I Can’t Give You Much Business’

Who says that royals can’t have a sense of humor? Prince William certainly doesn’t! The beloved Prince arrived at a… Read More

Sep, 18th 2017 celebs

‘Not Exactly a Republican Crowd’ Says Sean Spicer of the Emmy Awards

Sean Spicer’s surprise Emmy appearance is all the rage this morning, shocking audiences. But turns out, Emmys host Stephen Colbert… Read More