Sep, 21st 2018 celebs

Trump Doubts Brett Kavanaugh Accuser: ‘Why Didn’t She Call FBI 36 Years Ago?’

Donald Trump has questions for Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey, wondering why she didn’t go to the FBI over 30… Read More

Sep, 20th 2018 celebs

Jane Fonda Says She Regrets Getting Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda is an American treasure for sure, and the actress has always been honest about having plastic surgery. But… Read More

Sep, 19th 2018 news

Ex Bravo Reality Star & Girlfriend Accused of Drugging, Sexually Assaulting Women

Dr. Grant William Robicheaux, who appeared on an episode of Bravo’s Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, and his… Read More

Sep, 17th 2018 celebs

Woman Who Accused Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Assault Reveals More

In an interview with The Washington Post, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her… Read More

Sep, 16th 2018 celebs

John Kerry Says Trump Is Like A ‘Teenage Girl’

 Former Secretary of State John Kerry went on Real Time With Bill Maher to share his wisdom and insight… Read More

Sep, 16th 2018 news

This Man Allegedly Faked Having Down Syndrome To Sexually Abuse Caregivers

A 31-year-old man in Arizona allegedly pretended to have Down Syndrome in order to hire caregivers to bathe and change… Read More

Sep, 15th 2018 celebs

Steve Bannon Nearly Made It In Michael Moore’s Film ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

Michael Moore’s latest documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 premiered at NYC, and apparently Trump’s former staffer Steve Bannon was invited to come…. Read More

Sep, 14th 2018 celebs

Cardi B Voted For Cynthia Nixon While Her Rival, Nicki Minaj, Votes Cuomo

The day after Nicki Minaj announced that she’s voting for Andrew Cuomo, her arch nemesis Cardi B announced that she’s… Read More

Sep, 14th 2018 celebs

Cynthia Nixon Lost to Governor Andrew Cuomo NY Democratic Primary

New Yorkers voted, and they decided that Cynthia Nixon would not be able to do the job in Albany as… Read More

Sep, 13th 2018 celebs

Here’s The Text That Got ’60 Minutes’ Producer Jeff Fager Fired 

On Sunday night, The New Yorker published a story that a seventh former network employee has accused 60 Minutes producer… Read More