May, 25th 2017 fashion

This Little Dude is Blowing us Away with his Makeup Skills!

So, this dude is a total badass and we wish he was our child.  Holy technique! Little 10-year old Jack… Read More

May, 25th 2017 lifestyle

Queen Elizabeth Visits Manchester Victims at the Hospital

Long live the Queen! Queen Elizabeth surprised everyone at a children’s hospital treating many of the young victims of the… Read More

May, 25th 2017 celebs

Wow, Oprah Winfrey Staged a Serious Intervention For Jamie Foxx

Oprah Winfrey truly is an angel, and is always sprinkling a little goodness for people who need it. One of… Read More

May, 22nd 2017 celebs

Khloe Kardashian Teaches Us How to Eat Fast Food While Being Health Conscious

Whether you like her or hate her, Khloe Kardashian is hot AF. That body has seen a transformation in the… Read More

May, 19th 2017 lifestyle

Here Are Some Reminders That Summer Has Finally Landed in New York City!

Summer has finally arrived in New York City, and New Yorkers are READY! Not only were the short shorts and… Read More

May, 17th 2017 lifestyle

Man Sues Date For Texting During ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

In today’s installment of “say what?!” a Texas man is suing his date for texting during a screening of Guardians of… Read More

May, 16th 2017 fashion

Would You Wear the ‘RompHim’ (A Romper Made For Men)?

So apparently, rompers might be a thing now for dudes (Can you blame them? They’re comfortable AF), and it’s called the… Read More

May, 16th 2017 celebs

Brad Pitt Says He & Angelina Jolie Are Focusing Solely on Their Kids: ‘I Have No Secrets’

A post shared by Brad & Angie ✨ Golden Couple (@brangelina4ever) on May 16, 2017 at 7:13am PDT It’s been… Read More

May, 16th 2017 celebs

Amanda Seyfried’s Dog Is Probably the Cutest Thing Ever!

Amanda Seyfried loves showing off her 7-year old Australian shepherd Finn, and thanks to US Weekly, we can see their… Read More

May, 15th 2017 lifestyle

You Have To Hear What Prince William Told His Mom After Her Title Was Rebuked

A post shared by Kid2kid (@kid2kidluxe) on May 15, 2017 at 1:07am PDT Prince William was 14-years old when Prince… Read More