Harry Styles Addresses Questions About His Sexuality

People have been putting a lot of pressure on Harry Styles to open up about his sexuality, and each time he’s expertly responded with bits of humor.

In a new interview published by The Guardian, the 25-year-old British star was asked — yet again — to address the question.

“Um. I guess I have been asked? But, I dunno. Why?” he responded. “It’s not like I’m sitting on an answer, and protecting it, and holding it back. It’s not a case of: I’m not telling you because I don’t want to tell you. It’s not: ooh this is mine and it’s not yours. It’s: who cares? Does that make sense? It’s just: who cares?

The artist also noted that he makes creative choices “because I think it looks cool,” specifically referencing a visible rainbow flag on his latest album, Fine Line.

“Am I sprinkling in nuggets of sexual ambiguity to try and be more interesting? No,” he said. “I tend to make decisions in terms of collaborators I want to work with. I want things to look a certain way. Not because it makes me look gay, or it makes me look straight, or it makes me look bisexual, but because I think it looks cool.”

He added, “And more than that, I dunno, I just think sexuality’s something that’s fun. Honestly? I can’t say I’ve given it any more thought than that.”

However you identify, Harry, we adore you.