Jun, 21st 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: See Bruno Mars’ Epic ‘Way Back Wednesday’ Photo!

Wanna see a tiny, shrunken version of Bruno Mars? Of course you do! Unable to wait for “Throwback Thursday,” the… Read More

Jun, 19th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Lena Dunham Chops it Off!

Oh, Lena Dunham, you make even a haircut pic funny! Lena posted her super cute summer pixie cut on Instagram,… Read More

Jun, 18th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Madonna Wishes Herself A Happy Father’s Day

Madonna has never shied away from making bold statements, and today was no exception. The singer took to Instagram today… Read More

Jun, 15th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Is Headed To Kindergarten And Jessica Can’t Deal

It’s the time of year when commencements are aplenty, and Jessica Simpson is celebrating a special little graduate. The singer’s… Read More

Jun, 13th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Pink Freaks Herself Out On ‘Webmd’ Too!

See? Stars really are just like us! Pink is feeling a bit under the weather right now, and she took… Read More

Jun, 7th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Chrissy Teigen Was A Cheerleader, And Totally Hot. Duh.

Chrissy Teigen gave us a little glimpse into her high school years, and it’s pretty much what we expected. The… Read More

Jun, 6th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Halle Berry’s Amazing Response To Pregnancy Rumors

Halle Berry is setting the record straight, in the best possible way. When the actress rocked a formfitting sequined dress… Read More

Jun, 5th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Pink Embarrasses Her Daughter

One would think if you had Pink as your mom, you’d be bragging about it until the cows come home…. Read More

Jun, 2nd 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Reese Witherspoon Celebrates National Donut Day

Apparently today is National Donut Day. Thankfully, Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram to alert us, and to share some footage… Read More

Jun, 2nd 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Lauren Conrad Reveals The Gender Of Her Baby!

Just two days after launching her swimwear line and showing off her adorable baby bump, Lauren Conrad has shared the… Read More