Aug, 12th 2017 celebs

Serena Williams Took to Reddit to Ask for Pregnancy Advice

Serena Williams is using her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian’s, website Reddit (you know he owns that sh*t, right?) to ask users… Read More

Aug, 12th 2017 lifestyle

An Uber Driver Saved the Life of a Suicidal Passenger in Florida, Calls 911

Sometimes Uber drivers can save your life, such was the case of 41-year-old Chad Farley from Petersburg, Florida. The driver… Read More

Jul, 20th 2017 celebs

James McAvoy Shares a Story About the First Time He Shaves His Pubes, LOL!

James McAvoy shared quite a hysterical story about the first time he shaved “down there.” He was only a kid… Read More

Jul, 6th 2017 news

Donald Trump Has His a ‘Supersonic’ Golf Cart to Wiz Past Other Players (No Joke)

At one of Donald Trump’s golf courses in Westchester, the president apparently has a super fast cart that allows him… Read More

Jun, 6th 2017 news

T-Mobile Is Giving Away AMAZING Prizes Every Hour on the Hour All Day Long!

It’s T-Mobile’s “Thankiversary,” and to celebrate the occasion, the company is giving away ridiculously crazy prizes every hour on the… Read More

May, 24th 2017 celebs

Chris Pine Uses a Flip Phone, WHAT?!

There are some people who refuse to evolve with the ever-growing age of digital apps and smart phones. If you’re… Read More

May, 16th 2017 tech

Check Out Instagram’s Latest Features (They’re Eerily Like Snapchat)

Instagram just released a slew of new features, and one of them is a face filter that is pretty much… Read More

May, 10th 2017 celebs

Jennifer Aniston Thinks ‘Friends’ Would Never Happen in Today’s Smart Phone Age

If you think about it, Friends was kind of the last moment in our history pre-dating smart phones and Facebook…. Read More

Mar, 13th 2017 tech

Woah, Mark Wahlberg Lands $10 Million Deal With AT&T!

Cellphone companies are vying for celebrities to sell their products, and they’re offering heavy change. The latest A-lister to cash… Read More

Jan, 13th 2017 tech

Tyra Banks Releases New Emojis — And They’re Gonna be Epic

Sorry but if our phones could “smize,” we would no longer need words or language — we’d convey all our emotions through our eyes…. Read More