Nov, 26th 2018 celebs

Roseanne Barr Responds to Heart Attack Rumors

Roseanne Barr is setting the record straight about rumors she had a heart attack. The 66-year-old took to Twitter and… Read More

Oct, 5th 2018 celebs

Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf Reached Out to Roseanne Barr, But Haven’t Heard Back

In an interview with People magazine, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert revealed they’ve both reached out to Roseanne Barr amidst… Read More

Sep, 3rd 2018 celebs

Roseanne Is Going To Study In Israel While ‘The Conners’ Is Airing Without Her

While The Connors will be airing on ABC, its fallen star Roseanne Barr will be studying in Israel. And according… Read More

Jul, 10th 2018 celebs

Roseanne Barr Plans On Interviewing… Herself

Roseanne Barr announced that she will be filming her own interview. “After a lot of thought, I decided that I… Read More

Jun, 25th 2018 celebs

Roseanne Barr Called Herself A ‘Hate Magnet’

Roseanne Barr recently said in an emotional podcast interview with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach that she was a “hate magnet,” and… Read More

May, 31st 2018 tv

Roseanne Barr Pleaded For ABC To Keep The Show On Air

This week, Roseanne Barr said that she “begged” with ABC executives not to cancel her show, and even offered to… Read More

May, 31st 2018 celebs

Roseanne Might Have A Spinoff Without Its Star

Roseanne might be canceled, but apparently ABC executives are trying to figure out whether they can pull its insane amount… Read More

May, 31st 2018 celebs

Tom Arnold Says Roseanne Wanted Her Show Canceled

Did Roseanne Barr purposely seek to cancel her own show? Apparently, her ex-husband Tom Arnold seems to think so. “It… Read More

May, 30th 2018 celebs

Roseanne Cast Has A Strong Reaction To The Show’s Cancelation

The writer’s room wasn’t exactly the best place to be at this week on the set of Roseanne. After debuting… Read More

May, 30th 2018 celebs

Roseanne Is Back On Twitter & It’s Going Down

Even though Roseanne Barr said she’d quit Twitter after her ABC show was canceled, the star is now back in… Read More