Lindsay Lohan

Feb, 26th 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Is Accused Of Doing Drugs On ‘Lohan Beach Club’

View this post on Instagram "It seems like you don't respect me, and that's really a f*cking problem!" 😳 Find… Read More

Jan, 9th 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Is Cleaning Up Her Act, For Real

Lindsay Lohan may have very well grown up, for now.  The actress and entrepreneur seems to be too busy to… Read More

Dec, 4th 2018 celebs

WATCH: The First Trailer For MTV’s ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’

MTV released the first trailer for its upcoming reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club yesterday, which is the 32-year-old actress’s first… Read More

Nov, 11th 2018 celebs

PR Insiders Are Sharing Nightmarish Stories About Working With Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s rep recently made an attempt to snag her an endorsement deal by basically selling her on Facebook. Now,… Read More

Sep, 29th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Posts Video From Moscow, Saying She’s Witnessing Human Trafficking

Lindsay Lohan posted a bizarre video on Instagram Live, where she says she attempted to rescue children from human trafficking. … Read More

Sep, 7th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Is Launching An Island Resort in Dubai Called Lindsayland

Lindsay Lohan is really loving Dubai — so much so that she’s basically making a theme park there, literally.  The star… Read More

Sep, 5th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting People To Do A Dance Called ‘The Lilo’

Not sure if you’ve seen Lindsay Lohan lately, but the diva is apparently trying to get people to do a… Read More

Aug, 12th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Apologizes For Offending #MeToo Victims

After a recent interview where Lindsay Lohan offended #MeToo victims by calling attention seekers, the star has come back to… Read More

Aug, 9th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Says #MeToo Sexual Assault Victims ‘Look Weak’

Lindsay Lohan didn’t speak to fondly about the women who’ve come forward in the #MeToo movement, opening about her won… Read More

Jul, 26th 2018 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Will Not Be Starring In ‘Life-Size 2’ With Tyra Banks

It’s been confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will not be starring with Tyra Banks in the sequel to the beloved Disney… Read More