Lena Dunham

Nov, 18th 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham Defends ‘Girls’ Producer Accused of Raping a Teenage Girl

Screenwriter and executive producer of Girls, Murray Miller, has been accused of rape by a 23-year-old actress named Aurora Perrineau… Read More

Sep, 26th 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham Says Trump Is ‘A Racist With Untreated Mental Illness’

Lena Dunham took to Twitter to express her feeling about Donald Trump after writer Travon Free’s Twitter thread was bombarded… Read More

Sep, 8th 2017 celebs

Mets Player Lenny Dykstra Tried it With Lena Dunham, Flirts Openly on Twitter

A post shared by Lenny Dykstra (@ldykstra) on Sep 4, 2016 at 1:32pm PDT You guys, I’m not sure but… Read More

Aug, 3rd 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham Says American Airlines Flight Attendants Were Transphobic

In a time where the president refutes the entrance of trans people in the military, it’s nice to hear any… Read More

Jul, 20th 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham is Going to be in American Horror Story, Season 7

In a shocking turn of events, Girls creator Lena Dunham has been announced to appear in the upcoming season of… Read More

Jul, 10th 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham Is Purging Her Clothes For A Good Cause

What’s better than buying Lena Dunham’s clothes? Knowing your money is going to a very good cause. The Girls star… Read More

Jun, 19th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Lena Dunham Chops it Off!

Oh, Lena Dunham, you make even a haircut pic funny! Lena posted her super cute summer pixie cut on Instagram,… Read More

May, 19th 2017 celebs

Lena Dunham Had To Cancel Lenny Tour Due To Endometriosis Return

Lena Dunham has canceled her upcoming Lenny IRL tour due to the return of her endometriosis. The Girls star took… Read More

May, 3rd 2017 celebs

Oh No! Lena Dunham Was Rushed to the Hospital After Attending The Met Gala

A post shared by People Magazine (@people) on May 1, 2017 at 5:02pm PDT After attending the star-studded Met Gala… Read More

May, 2nd 2017 celebs

These Starlets Trash-Talked The Met Gala, But Ended Up Going Anyway – LOL!

People tend to watch The Met Gala and wish they were there, canoodling with the world’s royalty and dressed to… Read More