Justin Bieber

Apr, 16th 2018 celebs

Justin Bieber Punched Out A Man Who Was Assaulting A Woman At Coachella

Apparently, while attending Coachella over the weekend, Justin Bieber punched out a man who was assaulting a woman at a… Read More

Mar, 30th 2018 celebs

Damn! The Weeknd’s New Album Is Full Of Justin Bieber Shades, LOL

The Weeknd’s album, My Dear Melancholy, dropped today and it features a whole bunch of shades toward Justin Bieber, who… Read More

Mar, 23rd 2018 celebs

Bill Hader Says Justin Bieber Was The Worst ‘SNL’ Musical Guest

Bill Hader just said what pretty much everyone long-suspected: Justin Bieber was likely the worst musical guest in Saturday Night… Read More

Mar, 23rd 2018 celebs

Source Says Justin Bieber Hung Out With Mystery Blonde To Make Selena Jealous

After it was reported that Justin Bieber hung out with a mystery blonde (Sports Illustrated model Baskin Champion), sources say… Read More

Mar, 13th 2018 celebs

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez are ‘Taking A Break’

America’s favorite pre-teen past time is on the cliffs, again. A source recently told Page Six TV that Selena Gomez… Read More

Feb, 13th 2018 celebs

Justin Bieber Is There For Selena, After Rehab

Justin Bieber is always going to their for his girlfriend Selena Gomez, even more so now that she’s out of… Read More

Feb, 1st 2018 celebs

Selena Gomez Cheers On Justin Bieber’s Hockey Game

A post shared by رُ.نٓ (@xjura17) on Feb 1, 2018 at 8:10am PST Selena Gomez is definitely a fan of… Read More

Jan, 20th 2018 celebs

Justin Bieber’s Mom Defends Her Son After Selena Gomez’s Mother Shaded Him

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mom, bit back at Selena Gomez’s mom after she spoke out that she wasn’t a fan… Read More

Jan, 5th 2018 celebs

Yep, A Justin Bieber Museum Is Coming To Ontario

Justin Bieber’s moments from his formative years are going to be the center of a museum in his Canadian hometown… Read More

Jan, 5th 2018 celebs

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Did Hot Yoga Together, & It’s Kinda Sexy

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber like to do hot yoga together, and they did exactly that in Los Angeles this… Read More