Sep, 24th 2020 celebs

Trump is Apparently ‘Not a Fan’ of Meghan Markle

Donald Trump is coming after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they advocated for voting. (Crazy, right?) When asked for comment about Meghan and… Read More

Aug, 25th 2020 celebs

Here’s Who Is Speaking At the Republican National Convention

Well, the 2020 Republican National Convention is happening this week over the course of four days. Because of the pandemic, like the Democratic… Read More

Aug, 11th 2020 celebs

Donald Trump Gives His Opinion About Cancelling College Football

Donald Trump is all about college football being played this fall, despite the risks of COVID-19. This morning, Trump was… Read More

Aug, 7th 2020 celebs

Donald Trump Says He Likes Kim & Kanye ‘Very Much’

Kanye West is, yes, still planning on running for president. During a recent press briefing, Trump shared that Kim Kardashian… Read More

Aug, 5th 2020 celebs

Trump Mispronounces Yosemite National Park as ‘Yo-Semite’

Twitter users are coming after Trump for a bizarre slip-up about Yosemite National Park. The president mispronounced “Yosemite’s” as “Yo-Semites,”… Read More

Jul, 30th 2020 news

Donald Trump Actually Thinks He Can ‘Delay’ The 2020 Election

President Donald Trump suggested the United States “delay” the upcoming 2020 presidential election due to the possibility of voter fraud. It’s the… Read More

Jul, 6th 2020 celebs

Trump Says ’99 Percent’ of COVID Cases Are Harmless

Donald Trump spoke at the White House’s annual Fourth of July celebration on Saturday and used the opportunity to criticize… Read More

Jul, 5th 2020 celebs

Trump Says Liberals Want to ‘End America’ in Divisive Mt. Rushmore Speech

Donald Trump celebrated Independence Day with yet another divisive speech. What’s worse is he gave the speech at Mt. Rushmore,… Read More

Jun, 24th 2020 news

Trump Wants to Put People Who Vandalize Monuments in Prison for 10 Years

Talk about a domestic threat. This week, Donald Trump spoke about the Veterans Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act of 2003, explaining that he… Read More

Jun, 15th 2020 celebs

Donald Trump’s Niece is Writing a Salacious Tell-All Book

According to The Daily Beast, Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump is writing a new book about her family. Mary’s Too Much… Read More