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Jan, 10th 2020 celebs

Here’s What Megyn Kelly Says ‘Bombshell’ Got Wrong

The movie about the Fox News drama, Bombshell, places Megyn Kelly (played by Charlize Theron) at the center of the firestorm. Now, the journalist… Read More

Jan, 9th 2020 celebs

Megyn Kelly Admits She Was Asked to ‘Twirl’ for Fox News’s Roger Ailes

For those of you who’ve seen Bombshell, you’ll remember a scene when Margot Robbie first meets Roger Ailes and he… Read More

Jan, 7th 2020 celebs

Megyn Kelly is Fighting with Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay About Iran & Racism

What is happening now…? Megyn Kelly got in a sparring match with Colin Kaepernick and other A-listers over institutional racism as… Read More

Dec, 20th 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Goes After Donald Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Have an Adult Relationship with the Truth’

Megyn Kelly’s life might be featured in the new movie Bombshell, but that doesn’t mean she’s neglecting her real job:… Read More

Oct, 23rd 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Is Fighting Comcast Over Matt Lauer Allegations

Megyn Kelly isn’t through with NBC just yet. The former Fox News anchor, and former Megyn Kelly Today host, is taking… Read More

May, 23rd 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Is Apparently ‘Very Happy’ She’s Not On TV

It’s been a moment since Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC after they paid off the remainder of her $69… Read More

Feb, 27th 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Eyeing A TV Comeback For 2020 Election

Would you watch Megyn Kelly’s return to TV? Well that might be a reality next year.  Megyn is considering a… Read More

Jan, 25th 2019 celebs

OMG: Samantha Bee And Megyn Kelly Had Jury Duty On The Same Day

Nothing like seeing a friend at jury duty.  Apparently, Megyn Kelly, Samantha Bee, and David Schwimer were all summoned to… Read More

Jan, 18th 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Is Summoned For Jury Duty

Megyn Kelly was summoned for jury duty, days after her exit deal from NBC was finalized. Still, the former anchor… Read More

Jan, 13th 2019 celebs

Megyn Kelly Is Getting The Remainder Of Her $69M Deal From NBC

Megyn Kelly is finally leaving the building, but don’t feel bad for her just yet.  The former Today anchor finalized… Read More