Lindsay Lohan

Apr, 14th 2020 celebs

Lindsay Lohan’s Album is About Her ‘Early 20s’

Lindsay Lohan has a new single “Back to Me,” and according to Page Six, her upcoming album could be her most personal… Read More

Jan, 1st 2020 celebs

Lindsay Lohan is Returning to America to ‘Take Back’ Her Life

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Oct, 30th 2019 celebs

Michael Lohan Weighs In On Lindsay’s Supposed Relationship With A Saudi Crown Prince

While the media is swirling with rumors that Lindsay Lohan is having a secret affair with the crown prince of Saudi… Read More

Oct, 29th 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Drops Big Money at Ali Forney Center Gala

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance at the Ali Forney Center’s fall gala. The Center raises money for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. … Read More

Oct, 22nd 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan is Back in New York City, Honey…

Lindsay Lohan is in the United States promoting her nightclubs, and of course she’s living it up in the city that… Read More

Sep, 20th 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Is Writing A New TV Series!

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Sep, 15th 2019 celebs

Is Lindsay Lohan Nonchalantly Flirting With Liam Hemsworth on Instagram?

Sometimes she just can’t help herself. But can we blame her? Lindsay Lohan recently commented on a selfie Chris Hemsworth posted of… Read More

Aug, 5th 2019 celebs

Is There A Romance Between Lindsay Lohan And The Prince of Saudi Arabia?

Word on the street is that Lindsay Lohan and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, have gotten… Read More

Jul, 23rd 2019 celebs

WATCH: Does Lindsay Lohan Have An Australian Accent Now?

Lindsay Lohan is causing a stir on social media as she gears up to star in The Masked Singer Australia…. Read More

Jul, 2nd 2019 celebs

Lindsay Lohan Goes Nude For Her 33rd Birthday

Lindsay Lohan is 33 years old, and she’s breaking the new year in by going nude on Instagram. Just before… Read More