Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Apr, 10th 2020 celebs

WATCH: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Does Her Own Makeup For COVID-19 PSA

We seriously are out of control laughing right now! Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently took to Instagram to give an important health shoutout… Read More

Dec, 20th 2018 celebs

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Opens Up After Filming Final Season of ‘Veep’

It’s hard to leave a cast and crew, especially after you’ve been a family for so long like Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s… Read More

Oct, 19th 2018 celebs

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Opens Up More About Her Cancer Diagnosis

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss rocked the industry when she revealed her breast cancer diagnoses days after winning an Emmy Award. Now she’s… Read More

Feb, 15th 2018 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Posts First Post-Op Photo

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said “Fuck you!” to cancer in a recent photo. The actress revealed on Sept. 28 that she had… Read More

Dec, 28th 2017 celebs

CELEB REFRESH: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is A Fan Of Mistletoe

Our pal, @stevenrstroud captured this #mistletoe moment on Xmas eve. #love #myhero A post shared by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (@officialjld) on… Read More

Nov, 17th 2017 celebs

‘Veep’ Production Postponed As Julia Louis-Dreyfus Undergoes Cancer Treatment

Veep production is being postponed as its star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, undergoes breast cancer treatment. “Julia is undergoing treatment for breast… Read More

Oct, 20th 2017 sports

CELEB REFRESH: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares Post-Chemo Selfie

The star of Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is not “f**king around” anymore when it comes to chemo. The actress revealed last… Read More

Oct, 2nd 2017 celebs

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Son Thanked Her Fans After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced she had breast cancer last week, a slew of her fans reached out to giver her… Read More

Sep, 18th 2017 celebs

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Made History at the Emmys Last Night!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won the most Emmys for a single role than any person in history — as of last night…. Read More

Apr, 24th 2017 celebs

Ouch! Check Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ ‘Veep’ Stunt Injury!

When it comes to getting laughs, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is prepared to do whatever it takes, even at her body’s expense…. Read More