Aug, 25th 2023 celebs

And Just Like That, Here Comes Season 3!

Fans of the new Max reboot of Sex and the City will be thrilled to know that the series has… Read More

Nov, 1st 2020 celebs

Trump Speaks Out About The Death of Sean Connery

Donald Trump is remembering Sean Connery as a “tough character” and said he once helped him build one of his… Read More

Nov, 1st 2020 celebs

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Won’t Be in the U.K. For Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be traveling to the United Kingdom ahead of Meghan’s court case against the… Read More

Oct, 31st 2020 celebs

Sean Connery Dead at 90

We’re sad to report that Sean Connery has died at 90 years old. According to his son, Sean died peacefully… Read More

Oct, 31st 2020 celebs

Lil Nas X Goes as Nicki Minaj For Halloween

You know we love Halloween! And so does Lil Nas X. The music superstar is paying homage to one of… Read More

Oct, 30th 2020 celebs

Jeff Bridges Speaks About How Cancer Helped Him Realize His Mortality

Jeff Bridges is opening up about how much he’s learned about life since his cancer diagnosis. The star revealed last week that… Read More

Oct, 30th 2020 celebs

Jennifer Lopez Was Almost Denied Record-Breaking Paycheck For ‘The Wedding Planner’

Jennifer Lopez revealed that she had to really fight for her history-making $9 million salary in The Wedding Planner. The actress… Read More

Oct, 30th 2020 celebs

IHOP Closes Almost 100 U.S. Locations Due to Financial Loss in the Pandemic

We’re sad to announce that IHOP will be shutting a number of locations due to the financial strains brought on by the… Read More

Oct, 30th 2020 celebs

Sacha Baron Cohen Makes $100,000 Donation to ‘Borat 2’ Babysitter Jeanise Jones

As we previously reported, babysitter Jeanise Jones stole the hearts of viewers in Borat 2. Now, its star and creator Sacha Baron Cohen is… Read More

Oct, 30th 2020 celebs

Kelly Osbourne’s Message For Guys Who Dismissed Her Before Her Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne has lost 85 pounds and since her major body transformation, she’s been telling it like it is and… Read More