Joni Mitchell is Feeling Better After Having an Aneurysm in 2015

We’re happy to report that Joni Mitchell is recovering nicely following her 2015 aneurysm.

When asked by the Guardian if she’s been playing music lately, the icon responded, “No, I’m just concentrating on getting my health back … I came back from polio, so here I am again, and struggling back.”

“[I’m] just inching my way along,” she continued. “I’m showing slow improvement but moving forward … Because once again I couldn’t walk. I had to learn how again. I couldn’t talk. Polio didn’t grab me like that, but the aneurysm took away a lot more, really. Took away my speech and my ability to walk. And, you know, I got my speech back quickly, but the walking I’m still struggling with.”

“But I mean, I’m a fighter. I’ve got Irish blood. So you know, I knew, ‘Here I go again, another battle,'” she added.

Joni has appeared only rarely in public and granted few interviews since suffering the aneurysm in March of 2015.

We love you, girl!