Brad Pitt Narrates New Campaign Ad For Joe Biden

Brad Pitt gave his voice in support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of the November 3 election.

The actor appeared in a 60-second campaign ad titled “Make Life Better,” which features footage of Joe and his wife Jill greeting voters on the campaign trail.

“America is a place for everyone,” Brad narrated. “Those who chose this country, those who fought for it. Some Republicans, some Democrats and most, somewhere in between, all looking for the same thing: someone who understands their hopes, their dreams, their pain, to listen, to bring people together, to get up everyday and work to make life better for families like yours.”

“To look you in the eyes, to treat you with respect and tell you the truth,” he continued. “To work just as hard for the people that voted for him as those that didn’t. To be a president for all Americans.”

The star previously endorsed Barack Obama during his presidential races in 2008 and 2012.

Thank you for doing your part, Brad!