Kim Kardashian Recalls O.J. Simpson Murder Trial

Kim Kardashian shared more memories of the O.J. Simpson trial in a new sit-down with David Letterman.

In a clip from her interview on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which was shot before the pandemic and before Kanye West decided to run for president, the star recalls how the historic trial affected her family dynamics.

“It was dinner time, and we were all sitting down, and I answered the phone. It was a call from jail, and it was O.J., and I handed my mom the phone because he wanted to speak to her,” she said. “And I just remember them getting into it.”

Of course, her dad, the late Robert Kardashian, was a friend of O.J.’s and served as one of the NFL star’s defense attorneys during his murder trial for the violent deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Kim’s mom, Kris, stood by O.J.’s children after Nicole’s death.

Watch the clip below: