Chaka Khan Isn’t That Keen on Working With Other Singers

In a new interview, Chaka Khan got so candid about potentially working with Ariana Grande.

“F - - k her,” Chaka said to VladTV when asked if she’d like to work with the Grammy winner.

There are no stars she wants to record with, Chaka clarified, who later classified Ariana as “alright.”

“She’s good on her own,” she said. “She don’t need me. Plus, I don’t wanna sing with another woman,” adding that she’s better “by [herself.]”

Funny enough, Chaka and Ariana had already collaborated with “Nobody” for the Charlie’s Angels movie in 2019.

At the time, when asked about the song, Chaka said: “It’s not gonna change the world, OK?”

LOL! Oh, Chaka. Keep being real!