Ice Cube & Trump Administration Worked on a Plan For Black America

Well, rapper Ice Cube is officially a D.C. insider.

According to reports, he has been working with the Trump Administration to develop something called the “Platinum Plan” for black Americans.

Earlier this week, Ice posted a confessional-style video to Twitter titled “DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER” where he explains that he has met with both Democrat and Republican leaders.

“I just know one of them is gonna win … I don’t know if [it will] really matter to us, we gotta just push whoever’s in there, because ain’t nobody really solved our problems,” he said, addressing the black community. “People say we can’t take another four years of this — black people, s–t, we can take anything.”

“Joe Biden, the Democrats, I believe they owe us,” he added. “Will they do right by us at the end of the day — who knows?”

It’s clear that Twitter users were not having it, but hey, this is America. Right? We all have a right to support whichever candidate we think can help America best.