Luke Parker Ordered to Pay $100K for Breaching ‘Bachelorette’ Contract

Luke Parker has reportedly been ordered to pay $100,000 for breaching his contract with The Bachelorette.

According to court documents obtained by People, the company that produces ABC’s dating series filed a petition against Luke after he allegedly made several unauthorized media appearances while still under contract.

Luke, who was a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season 15, apparently entered into a “written Release and Waiver, Agreement Not to Sue, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement, and Contestant Agreement with NZK, pertaining as a contestant on season 15 of the reality television series The Bachelorette produced by NZK” on or about Jan. 27, 2019,” according to People.

By signing the dotted line, Luke agreed to not “make any media appearances from the date of the Agreement through one year after the date of the initial broadcast of the final episode of the series.”

The agreement also prohibited him from making “any unauthorized use or disclosure of any information or events he witnessed or learned as a contestant… or make any negative or disparaging remarks about the series and/or its principals, employees or affiliates, at any time.”

According to the filing, the company claims that in September and October of 2019, Luke made “at least four appearances” without their approval.

As a result, they’ve requested to be compensated $25,000 for each breach — totaling $100,000 — for damages.

Damn! Now that’s what we call a BREACH. We’ll be following this story.