Royal Biographer Claims Meghan Markle Wanted to be ‘Most Famous Person on Earth’

According to Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan Markle allegedly sparked a bit of internal controversy by intentionally trying to be the “most famous person on Earth.”

Lady Colin, who previously wrote about Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, said she learned Meghan was “getting up to all sorts of things in America that she was strictly forbidden from doing as a royal.”

“Mostly Meghan, but with Harry’s connivance,”she added to Graham Norton on his BBC radio show, accusing Meghan of meddling in commercial enterprises as well as politics.

“And also instructing her PR people that they were to make her into the most famous person on Earth,” she insisted of the Duchess’s apparent strategy last year, adding it was “a very deliberate policy.”

“And it has to involve a tremendous amount of controversy — otherwise you’re just not that famous,” she said.

“I think it’s history in the making, and I don’t care if she ends up being the most famous person on Earth or not,” she told Graham. “I [just] care that there is an interesting story to be told.”

Well… this is interesting. (Also, how fabulous is it to be called “Lady?” LOL)

Listen to the full interview HERE.