Journalist Claims Prince Gorged On His Percocet Prescription in the ’90s

Journalist Neal Karlen claims in his new book, This Thing Called Life, that Prince once visited his apartment to gorge his stash of Percocet.

The book chronicles Neal’s decades-long relationship with the icon.

He writes that in 1997 he had broken five bones in his leg while rollerblading and was housebound for months.

One day, Prince called and had a conversation about “a dozen topics” including Neal’s “unlimited” supply of Percocet pills he’d been prescribed. That’s when Prince decided to hightail it to Neal’s place.

“He’d been to my apartment but not for a few years, and for him to schlep so far to pay a little sympathy call felt … meaningful,” Neal recounted, according to Page Six.

“I didn’t even have time to offer him a glass of water before he spied the white Walgreen’s bottle of pills in my living room,” he wrote. “Prince gobbled a third of the bottle like they were M&Ms, and my heart sank. It was f—king true. I’d heard rumors for years that he’d been off and on heavy painkillers ever since the ‘Purple Rain’ tour a dozen years before.”

Of course, in April 2016, Prince died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl. He was 57.

It’s so sad to hear that Prince’s issues with pills go back decades. We’ll always miss him. Rest in peace, Prince.