Perez Hilton Says He’s Banned From ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Perez Hilton claims in his new book, TMI: My Life in Scandal, that he’s been banned from The Howard Stern Show and has no idea why.

The blogger told the outlet that he was a regular guest on the show, but for some reason he’s been blacklisted.

“I tried to get booked on the show to promote [the book] and they turned me down,” he told Page Six.

The blogger alleges with the outlet that his team contacted the show “well in advance” of the book’s publication date but “they said they were all booked and they had no availability.”

In the past, Perez has been quite an entertaining guest on the show. Perhaps Howard is having a change of heart as he’s evolved and matured?

“It’s a bummer because I’ve been such great content for the show. I have an entire f–king chapter on Howard and they won’t have me on the f–king show to promote it,” he said. “I don’t even know if word has gotten back to Howard that I’m trying to promote the show. I’m truly so saddened. It really hurts, it sucks.”

“I don’t understand what happened,” he continued. “But not knowing why and given the same excuse, ‘We’re all booked,’ which is obviously complete f–king bulls–t, it hurts.”

We hope things work out well.