CELEB REFRESH: Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Pose in Bed Together

If only all our bedding looked this sexy.

The Biebers recently put their love on display in a sexy new photoshoot with Vogue Italia.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin appeared on the cover as a tribute to the late creative director Helmut Newton and his “devotion” to wife June Newton.

“To honor their partnership we asked @HaileyBieber and @JustinBieber, one of today’s most iconic celebrity couples, to be the protagonists of our cover story,” the magazine wrote on Instagram alongside the photo.

Shot by Eli Russell Linnetz, Hailey dons a black Saint Laurent dress as she looks up at her shirtless husband.

“My heart is where my wife is” the famed German-Australian photographer (who died in 2004) said, according to Vogue Italia.

Not gonna lie. We love this so much…