Anne Heche Opens Up About Being Fired Because She Was Dating Ellen DeGeneres

In the recent episode of Dancing With the Stars, Anne Heche opened up about how she was fired from her film contract simply because she was gay.

At the time, she was dating Ellen DeGeneres and claims that studio executives not only fired her but refused her entry to her own after party for 1997’s Volcano.

“My movie premiere for Volcano, I had told them that I was taking Ellen as my date and I was told if I took Ellen I would lose my Fox contract,” she said.

She added, “At that moment, [Ellen] took my hand and said, ‘Do what they say’ and I said, ‘No thanks.’ I took Ellen to the premiere and I was ushered out before the movie even ended and was told I was not allowed to go to my own after party for fear that they would get pictures of me with a woman.”

“She was warning me, ‘This is going to happen,'” Anne said of Ellen.

Eventually, according to Anne, being open about who she was ultimately got her fired.

“The stigma attached to that relationship was so bad that I was fired from my multi-million dollar picture deal and I did not work in a studio picture for 10 years,” she said on the show.

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