Ryan Murphy to Produce Jeffrey Dahmer Series on Netflix

As reported by Deadline, Ryan Murphy has set his next project for Netflix and it involves an infamous serial killer.

Netflix has greenlit Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a limited series co-created by Ryan and his longtime collaborator Ian Brennan.

Reportedly, Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water) is set to star as Jeffrey’s father, with a casting search currently underway for an actor to play the gay serial killer.

Deadline writes that Monster will be largely told from the point of view of Jeffrey’s victims, exploring the apathy and incompetence among police that allowed Jeffrey to perpetrate numerous murders before his 1991 arrest.

The series will depict at least 10 instances in which the killer was almost caught but ultimately let go.

Well, this is quite a new retelling unlike anything we’ve seen in projects about Jeffrey Dahmer. This should be interesting!