Courteney Cox Accompanies Daughter Coco as She Sings Fleetwood Mac

Coco Arquette is a singer! And her momma, Courteney Cox is a pianist. Who knew?!

Over the weekend, Courteney shared a video on Instagram of her 16-year-old daughter belting out Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 song, “Silver Springs,” as she accompanies her on the piano and musician Joel Taylor plays guitar.

“Proud of my coconut. #fleetwoodmac,” she captioned the clip.

Coco is the daughter of Courteney and her ex-husband, David Arquette.

“When you have a teenager you barely get to see them. So much negotiating. Coco traded me one song if I let her go to a party. I took it,” she joked on Instagram alongside the video of Coco.

Not going to lie… this is the sweetest!