Chelsea Clinton Speaks on Amy Coney Barrett as SCOTUS Pick

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Chelsea Clinton, whose dad appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, opposes Donald Trump’s new nomination to fill her seat.

Chelsea had strong words this week for Amy Coney Barrett.

In an essay published in Cosmopolitan, she expressed her sharp opposition to Amy’s nomination to the Supreme Court, recalling when RBG was nominated to the highest court when she was 13 years old.

″I admired Justice Ginsburg so much: She was the rare adult who made our country live up to a child’s inherent sense of fairness,″ she wrote. ″Justice Ginsburg served on the court for 27 years. She wrote 483 opinions, many of which were intent on making every American who felt excluded—women in particular—belong.″

″Because of her work, not only as a Justice but also as a lawyer, you cannot be fired for being pregnant, or denied a credit card or a spot in a public university because of your sex, or rejected for a marriage license because of who you love,″ she added.

She continued, ″Although she doesn’t have a long judicial record, Amy Coney Barrett has voted in two abortion cases—both times in favor of abortion restrictions that would require parental notification and allow the state to ban the procedure on the basis of race, sex, or Down syndrome diagnosis.”

″Ruth Bader Ginsburg was ‘The Great Dissenter,’″ she wrote. ″Now it is our turn to dissent against Trump’s choice for Ginsburg’s replacement and against the rush to confirm her before Election Day.″

You go, Chelsea. Thank you for never being afraid to tell it like it is.