Tyra Banks Admits Her First Week Hosting ‘DWTS’ Wasn’t Perfect

Tyra Banks is admitting that even she isn’t perfect.

In a new TikTok video she posted after this week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, the host revealed that she’s susceptible to getting off her groove.

“Tonight I hosted the second episode of Dancing With the Stars … and yeah, it wasn’t perfect,” she said in the video. “Yeah, I had a lot of fun but I messed up, I said the wrong words, but I kept, kept going.”

She also spoke about Bunk’d star Skai Jackson, who got her leg caught on her partner Alan Bersten during a lift.

“She got back up and she kept going, and because of that, she’s here for another week,” she said in the video. “So the message is: I messed up this week, Skai messed up this week, but we’re gonna keep on going and going Forgive yourself when you mess up and keep going.”

Next Monday is Disney night in the ballroom. Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays on ABC.

We love you, Tyra! It’s all a process.