Cops Were Called To Alyssa Milano’s Home After a Man Was Caught Shooting at Squirrels

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

According to the Daily Mail, cops were called to Alyssa Milano’s home over what turned out to be someone shooting at squirrels with an air gun.

“We first noticed the helicopter circling overhead very low and knew something was going on, it’s usually such a quiet community,” a neighbor told the outlet. “Then we saw all the police cars parked in front of Alyssa’s home. They had their guns at the ready and seemed very serious.”

The neighbor made the initial call to 911, and Alyssa’s husband, Dave Bugliari, followed up, according to authorities and a statement issued by the actress.

“On Sunday morning as we were all getting ready to watch the Giants game, our neighbor spotted ‘a man dressed in all black, walking in the woods between our properties with a gun,’” Alyssa said in the statement. “As that is a rare sight in our parts, the neighbor was understandably alarmed and she called the police.”

She continued, “We then received a call alerting us to the potential situation and that officers had been dispatched. My husband subsequently called 911 to check on when police would be arriving. While he was on the line, they arrived.”

After a roughly three-hour search, cops concluded the culprit was shooting an air gun at squirrels. No charges were filed or citations issued.

Eek! We’re happy everyone is safe, and we hope those innocent squirrels made it out OK.