Harry Styles Might Play a Gay Policeman in New Amazon Film

Harry Styles is reportedly in talks to lead a new Amazon adaptation of the novel, My Policeman, according to Deadline.

My Policeman is a gay love story mostly set in the 1950s, and of course Harry will star as a policeman named Tom who is in love with Patrick, a museum curator.

Because it’s the 1950s when same-sex love was frowned upon, Tom pursues a relationship with and marries Marion, a woman.

The majority of the story is a flashback to the 50s but is set in the 1990s as Tom and Patrick reflect on the life they have lived, according to reports.

“I need to point out that this is all due to the passion of Robbie Rogers who read this book, fell in love with it, knew it needed to be a movie and made it so,” producer Sarah Schechter wrote on Twitter about the announcement.

Not gonna lie… we can’t WAIT for this!