Nicky Hilton Opens Up About Watching Paris’s Documentary ‘This is Paris’


Nicky Hilton is giving a lot of praise to her sister, Paris, for her new candid documentary, This is Paris.

In a recent interview with E! NewsNicky spoke about the first time she watched the YouTube Originals documentary and how proud she is of her sis.

“It was very, very emotional. We watched it for the first time,” she said, adding that she “snuck downstairs” to watch the film with her sister before it premiered online because Paris didn’t want her mother to watch it.

“She said, ‘I don’t want mom to see it.’ I was like, ‘Well she’s going to see it in a few weeks when it’s on YouTube for the whole world to see,'” she recalled.

“We watched it together. We laughed. We cried,” Nicky continued. “I’m just so proud of her because going through so much trauma and reliving it with the whole world watching is very brave.”

The documentary, directed by Alexandra Dean, sees Paris going into detail about the alleged abuse she suffered at boarding school in Utah — and how her trauma has carried over into adulthood.

Thank you for being brave enough to share your story with the world, Paris.