Samuel L. Jackson Vows to Teach Swear Words in 15 Languages If You Vote

Samuel L. Jackson knows how to use curse words, and now the actor has pledged to teach fans how to swear in 15 different languages! All for the sake of democracy, of course.

His pledge is part of the Good to Vote campaign, a new initiative with HeadCount where celebrities challenge fans to vote in the November election.

The entertainers who participate offer their fans a never-before-seen content reward when their followers hit a specific number of registrations.

Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Debra Messing, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher are other celebs who’ve taken part.

Samuel said in a video that if 2,500 fans prove they’ll be voting this year by either registering or checking their registration, he’ll teach them how to swear in 15 different languages.

Not going to lie… this is something we want to see! LOL.