Nev Schulman Really Wants You To Watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Nev Schulman is super excited to be joining this season’s Dancing With the Stars — and we are excited about it, too!

“I’m just so excited to be on stage performing,” the Catfish star told Page Six.

Nev also shared that he will donate money earned from the show to the Dance Against Cancer organization. How amazing is that?

“They did a nice job of bringing people from very different worlds together,” he said of the producers. “I don’t expect a lot of people who watch the show to necessarily know who I am, and I didn’t necessarily know who all the other people on the show are either, but I think that’s what’s going to make it so interesting.”

“With everything we’ve gone through this year, we all just need something to smile about and dancing is this international language of fun that everyone understands and appreciates and anyone can do,” he said. “This is just a much-needed and welcomed sort of reminder that despite everything that’s going on, we are still allowed to smile and have fun.”

Ain’t that the truth? Read more at Page Six.

We WILL be watching!