‘Borat 2’ is Apparently Already Filmed

The film blog Collider exclusively confirmed that Borat 2 has already been shot and screened.

Of course, the film is a sequel centering around the Kazakh caricature played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Details about the plot have not been confirmed, nor has the involvement of the original film’s director, Larry Charles, or producer, Jay Roach.

Still, Collider wrote that they have learned the small-town Eastern European broadcaster is now a high-profile television personality. In the sequel, Borat, now a public figure, must now go “undercover” to be able to interview people without revealing his celebrity.

It’s “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen,” one insider said, according to Collider.

The original film grossed $262 million, and Sacha went on to create more absurd characters in Bruno (2009) and The Dictator (2012).

We don’t know about you, but we think this sounds interesting!