Disney is Criticized For Filming ‘Mulan’ in China’s Xinjiang Province

People are already coming after Disney’s big-budget remake of Mulan for filming scenes in China’s Xinjiang Province, where Beijing is accused of perpetrating human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims on a massive scale.

The studio also appears to have offered its gratitude to Chinese government agencies involved in alleged abuses, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It all began when viewers started noticing a “special thanks” in the film’s end credits to eight government entities in Xinjiang, including the public security bureau in the city of Turpan, where China is believed to operate over a dozen “re-education camps” that hold Uighurs in extra-judicial detention.

There’s also a thank you to the “publicity department of CPC Xinjiang Uighur Autonomy Region Committee,” the Chinese Communist Party agency responsible for producing and managing state propaganda efforts in the region.

Mulan reportedly shot in approximately 20 locations in China, including the Mingsha Shan desert, which stretches into Xinjiang, and the Tuyuk Valley, to the east of Turpan.

According to Architectural Digest, some of the production team said they spent months in Xinjiang researching locations before filming began.

Mulan‘s star Liu Yifei made comments last summer that seemingly supported the Hong Kong police force’s crackdown on the city’s pro-democracy movement.

Oh boy. While this is deeply disturbing, we still can’t help but brag on behalf of the film creators. Mulan is one of our favorite live-action Disney films!

If you haven’t seen it, you must!