How Mark-Paul Gosselaar Really Feels About ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reruns

Looking at old episodes of Saved By The Bell doesn’t come easy for Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who starred as Zack Morris in the 1990s sitcom.

In a new interview with Variety, the actor shared what it’s been like to rewatch episodes for his new podcast, Zack to the Future.

In the podcast, Zack and his cohost Dashiell Driscoll provide commentary on the iconic comedy series from the very beginning.

“I feel like it’s a little bit torturous every week for me to go through this process because I am watching my work — and it doesn’t matter that it’s 30 years old, it’s still something that I feel like I can improve,” he said.

“There are moments where I’m talking with Dashiell and I say, ‘My timing is off there; if I had just done it this way I bet I would have gotten a bigger laugh,’” he added. “But that’s just the perfectionist in me, which is why I don’t like to watch my work: I feel like I should leave it on the set.”

“It was a classroom on the set for me of how to conduct myself as an actor,” he said. “Looking back, I bring up things like character protection. But I think that was one of the things that attracted so many people to the show: It was just the innocence of these characters, as well as the actors portraying them.”

“A lot of people forget that we were the same age as the characters, so we were going through the same experiences as them. And there was no ego on the set — there was no negative energy — and when you watch the show you see that bleeding through.”

Wow! Mark will always be Zack Morris to us. Always! (Sorry, Mark.)