Michelle Obama Writes an Excerpt in White House Decorator’s New Book

Interior designer Michael S. Smith was certainly key in decorating an Obama White House, according to his new book, Designing History: The Extraordinary Art & Style of the Obama White House. 

Michelle Obama herself writes of her experience in the new page-turner, which is out today.

“Immediately, he understood that we were a young family with two little girls who preferred Crate & Barrel over antique credenzas and a grandmother who bristled a bit at any whiff of pomp,” she writes. “But we were also the Obamas: the first Black residents of the White House.”

Michelle praises Michael for the magic he ultimately struck in the space.

“The pressure on any First Family is enormous. The pressure on the first Black one would be even greater. Michael never lost sight of that,” she writes. “He made sure our values and vision for America—one based in inclusivity and a love for all of its people—were reflected in every detail of this remarkable home.”

Of course, Michael’s other clients include George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Shonda Rhimes.

“Home was a specific place, with specific people and specific memories. But more than that, it was a specific feeling. It was comfort and warmth and security, an enveloping richness of our family’s story,” she writes.

We don’t know about you… but if you’re an interior design guru like we are, this book is going to be SERIOUS reading!