R. Kelly Was Attacked in Jail By Fellow Inmate


According to reports, R. Kelly was attacked by an inmate at a Chicago federal lockup because he was upset over lockdowns allegedly caused by the singer.

R. Kelly is awaiting trial on a series of child sex abuse charges.

According to Page Six, the singer was in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center when an inmate walked in and started attacking him.

“I talked to a couple of other inmates who said that it was a dust up and he’s not hurt too bad,” Steven Greenberg, R. Kelly’s Chicago-based counsel, said. “According to the jail, he received minor injuries, nothing broken or anything like that.”

Steven added that the inmate was pissed over recent lockdowns caused by protestors outside of the jail who’ve organized in an effort to free him.

“My understanding is, everytime there is a pro-R. Kelly protest outside of the jail, they lockdown the entire facility,” Steven said. “When they do this, inmates don’t get their commissary, they don’t get their shower, stuff like that and since they’re fairly sporadic anyway, they get upset. So they’re penalizing everyone in the facility because people are protesting in support of Kelly.”

“I’m still very concerned because sure this time the guards were able to quickly stop something from happening but what happens if someone goes in his cell with a shank or something like that? Or the guards are busy doing something else?” said Steven. “We were fortunate this time but who’s to say next time?”

Eek! Well, clearly R. Kelly is a target in jail. We’ll be following his trial so make sure to circle back for all the latest updates.