Former Inmate Alice Johnson, Championed by Kim Kardashian, Speaks at RNC

Alice Johnson, the woman Donald Trump granted clemency after Kim Kardashian advocated for her release from prison, appeared at the Republican National Convention and made a powerful push for criminal justice reform.

“I stand before you tonight and I assure you: I am not a ghost. I am alive, I am well and, most importantly, I am free,” Alice said.

Two years ago, Alice became the face of Trump’s efforts on criminal justice reform after Kim spent months campaigning for her release.

Last night, the free woman praised Trump for his “compassion” but spent much of her time urging people to stay focused on future changes.

“I pray that you will not just hear this message but that you will be inspired by my story and your compassion will lead you to take action for those who are forgotten,” she said. “That’s what our president, Donald Trump, did for me and for that I will be forever grateful.”

“I’m using my voice to tell their stories and I pray that my face reminds you of those forgotten faces,” she concluded.

Alice had spent decades in prison for a first-time nonviolent drug offense. She wrote a memoir about her life last year.

Wow. This was certainly a powerful speech. Watch the speech below: