Sarah Hyland to Star in Ty Burrell’s New Comedy

Sarah Hyland and Ty Burrell were clearly meant to meet!

Of course, Sarah rose to fame on the show Modern Family alongside castmate and on-screen father, Ty Burrell. Now, Sarah and Ty will be executive producing the new show Yours, Mine & Paul’s.

According to TVLine, Sarah’s character on the show, Lauren, is an “impulsive, faux-enlightened millennial” seeking attention.

A synopsis explains that the character Lauren is asked by her best friend Paul to be a surrogate for him and his husband Xander, but drama ensues because she can’t stand Xander and he feels the same about her. However, when Paul unexpectedly dies, Lauren is confronted with the looming possibility of motherhood and co-parenting with her nemesis.

We don’t know about you, but we think this show is going to pull all our heart strings. We can’t wait for Sarah and Ty to work together again!