Chrissy Teigen Has Something to Say About the Cast of ‘Selling Sunset’

Chrissy Teigen seems to just be discovering Selling Sunset on Netflix, and she’s got something to say…

“I just watched all of Selling Sunset after watching everyone talk about it for so long!” she tweeted. “I don’t even think anyone on it is as mean or insane as you guys said?”

Of course, the hit reality series follows real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group in West Hollywood as they fight for clients and million-dollar properties.

Additionally, it highlights their personal lives as well as their interpersonal drama — which Chrissy doesn’t think is necessarily as bad as they pretend it to be.

“Maybe I also know everyone on tv plays up a character,” she continued on Twitter. “They’re all doing that. You guys are… super mad at people who are in on the joke.”

Haha! Honestly? We feel you, Chrissy. But we can’t stop watching!