Apparently, Kanye West Talks to Jared Kushner Almost Daily

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

According to a Forbes report, Kanye West talks to President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner “almost daily.”

While the rapper has not been quiet about his campaign being intended to hinder Joe Biden’s run, Kanye reportedly thinks that “Jared is scared and doesn’t want me to run because he knows that I can win.”

However, that seems to be some kind of reverse psychology, according to Jared.

Forbes reported that Kanye referred to Jared as his “boy,” explaining, “I love Jared. I was just… that’s my boy, you know? That’s really my boy. So I prefer to not drop his name.”

Kanye announced a few years back that he intended to run for president in 2020. Then on July 4, 2020, he made an official announcement and is seemingly serious about it despite his wife, Kim Kardashian, reportedly being embarrassed by the whole thing.

“If you know him for more than 20 minutes, you know that will work,” a source told Forbes in regards to the message that Jared is feeding him.

Another source added, “He’s just like a kid. The more you tell him he can’t do a thing, the more he’ll do it […] he has a tremendous drive to prove people wrong.”

Oh Lord… help us all. Read more at Forbes.