WATCH: A Stuntman Literally Sets Himself on Fire to Propose to Girlfriend

Talk about setting our hearts on fire. 

Stuntman Riky Ash certainly wanted to make an impression while popping the question to his girlfriend, Katrina Dobson, 48. 

Katrina knew her man would be set aflame, but reportedly she thought she was just taking part in a photo shoot and had no idea he would propose.

“He sold it to me as a story on something that would make people smile,” she said. “When he was set on fire, I saw he had his hand in his pocket. I thought, ‘What are you doing, get your hand out of your pocket.’ And all of a sudden he just took out this ring.”

She added, “It really was a lovely way to do it. He lives and breathes his job, so it was the perfect proposal.”

“She couldn’t even get the word ‘yes’ out because she was so shocked,” said Riky, who did stunts in the Tim Burton blockbuster Sleepy Hollow. “This is what I do day in, day out. I was so excited to do it. For me, it was like doing a big Hollywood blockbuster and I was proposing to my girlfriend at the same time.”

Well how about that?!