Watch: Bride’s Wedding Photoshoot is Interrupted by Beirut Explosion

A photographer in Lebanon was capturing a newlywed couple’s happy day at the precise moment a massive explosion ripped through the city of Beirut.

Photographer Mahmoud Nakib shared the video on YouTube.

“In just one second, the sky turned black,” he told CNN. “I thought first of my wife and my daughter. I called her to let her know that I’m fine and do not go out. And I went live [on] Facebook to let people know what happened.”

“The area I was in — within [a] matter of seconds — it went from beautiful place to ghost town filled with dust, shattered glass and people yelling [and] bleeding,” the newlywed added of the terrifying moment. “It was like a nightmare scene.”

No one in the couple’s wedding party was injured, according to CNN. Thank God.

Watch the terrifying moment above.