Chris Evans On Launching a New Bipartison Political Website

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Chris Evans is certainly full of surprises!

That actor has recently decided to venture into the world of politics with the bipartisan website A Starting Point.

The Captain America star told People magazine that the idea came from his own frustration at not being able to find reliable, fact-based information online about any of the issues.

“It’s not that I’m specifically drawn to politics. It’s just when you look around, you try to figure out how can you help,” he said.

As People explains, the website is divided into three sections:

Starting Points,” featuring two-minute answers to common questions asked of our elected officials; “Daily Points,” featuring participating politicians talking for one minute about any subject they want to address; and “Counterpoints,” featuring discussions between two elected officials who have differing viewpoints about an issue.

“There’s a lot of things you can do as an actor with your name,” he said. “I could be making booze — I don’t discourage anyone from doing that, I love booze — but there’s no denying that I played a certain character, and it just so happens to align with part of my nature in terms of being someone who is politically involved and who cares about the wellbeing of people in this country.”

He added, “You have to use your platform to do more than just retweet things.”

Hell yes, Chris! Now this is the kind of activism we need.